Next year in Jerusalem?

Next year in Jerusalem?

Let's help you make the dream a reality

Moving to Israel?

Moving to Israel?

An exciting journey is ahead of you

Who are we?

Ebenezer Operation Exodus is a Christian organization that exists to assist Jewish people to immigrate to Israel. We have representatives in over 50 countries around the world.

Together, we have assisted over 170,000 Jewish people with their return to Israel from many different nations — particularly from the former Soviet Union (fSU). 

Since 2017, we have also been assisting Jewish people making aliyah from Australia

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"You and your colleagues at Ebenezer (Operation Exodus) are true friends of the Jewish Agency, and the ongoing partnership that exists between our two Organizations at both an Organizational and personal level is important to all of us. Your tireless work, dedication and support for Aliyah enables us to continue this important work."

Nathan Sharansky
Former International Chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel

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