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Hear the stories of some of the olim we have helped in recent years from right here in Australia


I was thinking of all the kindnesses and support shown to me by Ebenezer Operation Exodus and thought I would send you and update.
I have settled in nicely. Ulpan has been completed and I can get by with what I can remember. The people here are so nice and helpful and many speak English. The women's group here give me good support.
It's still hard to believe that I now live in Eretz Israel. Each day is filled with gratitude and giving thanks for this golden opportunity.
Thanks again to Ebenezer Operation Exodus for helping make my move a bit easier. May you all be blessed with happiness and peace.
Sincerely, T

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Ebenezer Operation Exodus. This month our family finally fulfilled its dream of making Aliya to Israel. Your assistance has made a world of difference. In this day and age, unfortunately questioning the rights of the Jewish people to their homeland is more a rule than an exception. As such it is wonderful to have your organisation stand strongly besides Israel and the Jewish people.
With much gratitude, the S. Family is a Ministry of Ebenezer Operation Exodus

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